The World Is A Stage - Gabi Holzwarth

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. You may never think of a street performer the same again. You may also never think of an eating disorder the same again. You have a voice. You have a stage. The world is waiting.

Gabi Holzwarth

Gabi is a classically-trained, contemporary violinist raised in the Silicon Valley. Beginning the violin at the age of two, she took private lessons until the age of seventeen. During her violin career, she was a member of the California Youth Symphony for a decade, where she had the privilege of touring abroad to France, Italy and China. After high school, Gabi did not intend to pursue a career in music, but instead majored in History. After quitting a job in sales, she took to the streets of Palo Alto to begin performing - at first playing classical music, and later, taking on contemporary music as well as improvisation. Gabi adapts to any genre, from hip-hop to folk to jazz to electronic, all of which she combines in a smooth and effortless way. After gaining notice from many who enjoyed her impromptu street performances, Gabi was hired throughout the bay area for private events. Her career as the "Silicon Valley Violinist" began. Since then, she has navigated her career in uncharted territories, managing her career on her own and creating a business. Rather than strive to fit a mold in the entertainment field, Gabi takes on any project that comes her way. Throughout her journey, she seeks to explain to people that they do not need to place themselves in a mold created by society, in business or in everyday life. Gabi continues her career without any roadmap and without any strict goal – just curiosity and the willingness to prove that nothing will stop her from spreading her music.

2014 LondonValerie Grant