The Art Of Rejection - Claudia Vulliamy

How do you deal with rejection? Try making it into art. TEDxTeen opening music by Madijuwon.


Claudia Vulliamy

Claudia gained widespread attention when she turned a rejection letter from Oxford University, where she had applied to study classics, into an expressive artwork. A tweet about the artwork went viral, shared more than 50,000 times by people who felt inspired by her courage and creativity in the face of a setback.

She is passionate about art and philosophy, and is a strong believer in education for its own sake. At age 14, she wrote an opinion piece, which was published in the Independent, arguing that excessive homework was hindering children’s learning and stifling their creativity.

Next year, Claudia will take up a place to study a foundation diploma in fine art at Central St Martins (University of the Arts London), before working towards a degree in classics at university.

Instagram: @flamboyant_aesthete

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