How My Imagination Set Me Free - Mukunda Angulo

When your only access to the outside world is through watching movies - who would you become? Imagination can set you free. TEDxTeen opening music by BlackDoe Mukunda Angulo is an artist and filmmaker from New York City.

Mukunda Angulo

Mukunda Angulo is an artist and filmmaker from New York City. He is one of the six brothers featured in the critically acclaimed, Sundance Grand Jury prize-winning documentary, "The Wolfpack".

The film focuses on Mukunda and his brothers, raised in a New York public housing apartment isolated from society by their paranoid, overbearing father. Movies became their only view of the outside world and led them to create elaborate homemade costumes to emulate the films that they watched obsessively. At 15, Mukunda decided to leave the apartment for the first time on his own, setting off a chain of events to liberate him and his brothers from his father's lock down. On one of the boys' outings, they met director Crystal Moselle, resulting in the award-winning documentary years later. Since its debut, Mukunda has traveled the world engaging with audiences, meeting his film heroes and sharing his story. He has been on talk shows and radio shows, and featured in publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The New Yorker and New York Magazine.

He has made several short films starring his brothers including Poison Hit, Mirror Heart and Window Feel.

Window Feel was presented at Deitch Gallery in The Wolfpack Show, alongside over 250 pieces of their handmade prop and costume archives. The show had was critically acclaimed by publications such as Indiewire, Paper, artforum, Nowness, The New York Observer and Vogue.

Mirror Heart was commissioned by Vice and made its theatrical debut at the "The Future Is Now: 30 under 30" film festival, and later played at The Night Hawk shorts festival.

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