Safeerah Mughal

In Safeerah's 16 years, she has accomplished far more with her writing than she ever imagined. Receiving an invitation to 10 Downing Street was a defining moment for her and an awe-inspiring experience that she will never forget. She thought it would end there, but then a year later, she continued to achieve what she never imagined possible. That's what words do; overcome the impossible.

She recently won the Key Stage Four short story and poetry competitions within the Young Muslim Writers Awards and had the pleasure of meeting the esteemed judges and hearing their feedback. Safeerah loves all stories, whether in prose or poetry, and can be found reading authors from Rumi and Hafiz one day to Khalid Hosseini and Derek Landy the next.

Safeerah is inspired by the contrasting landscapes of her heritage - the breathtaking Yorkshire scenery of rolling valleys and breathtaking moors, the aroma of wet earth and flowers, Pakistan's baked earth and spice, and the shouts of vendors selling their wares.

One day she plans to make a living from mastering the alchemy of thoughts and occasionally writing them down.


2016 LondonValerie Grant