Mousa Mosawy

Mousa developed "First Aid Link", a movement that sent first aid kits with instructions and information on ways to avoid infection to families living in Iraqi conflict areas. Now, in addition to being a volunteer for the Iraqi Health Aid Organization, he has established a new project called, "The School of Light". The goal of this campaign is to equip the local school for the visually impaired with the tools that they need. Having already shipped supplies for upwards of 70 pupils, Mousa is on course to ensure that the institution is fully equipped and functional by June. "This one is special for me. It is extremely close to my heart as I am disabled myself." He is also working on a project titled "Iraq Youth Leadership Network" (IYLN), which focuses on gathering leaders to conduct workshops about activism and its importance in Iraq. Furthermore, the "Network" aids its constituents in setting up like-minded ventures to do within their communities.

2010Valerie Grant