Erik Finman

Erik Finman is a 15-year-old entrepreneur from Idaho. Not long ago, he invested $1,000 he received from his grandmother into bitcoins. Soon after, he sold them for $100,000.

With his earnings, Erik has decided to address some of the negative experiences he has had with the educational system and provide learning that is focused on the student. Instead of learning passively in a classroom, he wants students to learn by experiencing the world the way they want to.

From his home in Idaho, using just a computer and the Internet, he started He now manages a 20-person team comprised of programmers and other professionals from all over the world.

Recently, he has been working on a Botangle event called "Intern For A Day," which allows interns to work for top companies for an entire day.

Erik hopes to help other teenage entrepreneurs "because you're never too young to do something great."



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