Connor Grooms

Society has perceived limits on what is possible - how fast you can learn new skills, achieve physical feats, or attain day-dream lifestyles without being rich.

Connor Grooms has built a life, and his education, by breaking those limits.

At only 20, Grooms is location independent, traveling and living around the world as he runs his business online, from Saigon to Barcelona to his new homebase in Medellín.

In November 2014, he gained 26 pounds of muscle in a month after a lifetime of being skinny, and wrote the book "Eating for Mass" on how to replicate his results. His book was endorsed by Dan John, one of the biggest names in strength training, as the "missing link".

This past June, he achieved conversational level of Spanish in a single month and self-produced the film, "Spanish in a Month: A Language Learning Documentary" about the experience, which has been featured in outlets like Forbes.

Grooms has nothing to prove - he does it out of curiosity, out of pure intrinsic motivation to learn new things, build an amazing lifestyle and become more interesting. He does it because he knows that education and lifestyle are your responsibilities. Common perception of what is possible is almost always wrong.

Following the success of his Spanish in a Month documentary, Grooms founded - unlimited Spanish tutoring for $99 a month, which follows the same principles he used to learn so quickly.