Amaryllis Fox

Amaryllis is the founder and CEO of mulu, an online tool-making global publishers' content shoppable for charity. Amaryllis has spent a great deal of time in the nonprofit world, deferring school to work in health clinics on the Thai-Burmese border, and freelanced for the BBC and local wire services in Thailand, Indonesia and East Timor.

Amaryllis later returned to Oxford University, earning her undergraduate degree in 2002. She then attended graduate school at Georgetown's School of Foreign Service, focusing on international security and writing an algorithm adopted by the U.S. government for predicting instability in failed states. After graduating in 2003, she spent six years working in government service, both in the U.S. and overseas. Along the way, Amaryllis managed several investment funds, concentrating on alternative energies and electric vehicles. In 2009, she left government service to focus on combining profit and purpose to build socially sustainable businesses.

Amaryllis lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her family and their makerbot.



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