Allison Wood

Allison was born and raised in Princeton, NJ. She attended to Mount Holyoke College where she studied sociology and art history. After graduation she moved to NYC where she worked in fashion with a focus in accessories. With a desire to explore her love for design, architecture and human interaction, Allison began to pursue an MFA in interior design at Pratt Institute. While at Pratt, she became curious regarding how technology influences and shapes space and decided to pursue a second MFA in digital interactive art. She went on to work for acclaimed artist Jamie Zigelbaum where she developed and produced large scale interactive works.

In 2013 Allison co-created and became the CEO of REIFY, a software and product company that transforms sound into something people can hear, see and hold. REIFY is an inaugural member at The New Museum's New Inc., the first museum led incubator.

Allison lives in Brooklyn with her dog, Chad.



2015Valerie Grant