Discovering The Storm - Tallia Storm

When one of the biggest artists in the world calls your mobile to invite you to join him onstage, there's good reason to celebrate! This is what happened to the Scottish teenager, Tallia, after she had left her CD with Sir Elton John's partner, David Furnish, in a Hawaiian hotel restaurant.

Tallia Storm

17 year-old Tallia's life changed forever in 2012. She was only 13, and spontaneously left her demo CD with Sir Elton John's partner, David Furnish, in a hotel restaurant. The teen singer/songwriter was amazed when Sir Elton John called within 24 hours and invited her to open his football stadium concert in Scotland. Since then, Tallia has performed across the world with her trademark big hair and quirky, fearless sense of style and sound, released a critically acclaimed debut EP and written a novel entitled 'POP GIRL' published by Scholastic UK.

Landing herself at red carpet events and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Drake and Justin Bieber, it's clear Tallia is heading for big things. Having grown up singing along to Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Washington, to later finding a love for contemporary artists such as the late Amy Winehouse and Kendrick Lamar, Tallia has crafted a unique sound to deliver a powerful and modern urban vocal, which is gathering an array of fans from around the world. Her forte is live performance and her simple acoustic set is where her heart is, which is why her social media fan base goes from strength to strength.

She has already been featured on a number of big name publications like Vibe, Music Week, Billboard, MTV and Idolator.

"There's no doubt Tallia Storm is headed for big things with her soulful and powerful vocal." - DJ Target (BBC Radio 1)

2013Valerie Grant