Tim Exile

Tim Exile is a musician and technologist . He is working at the bleeding edge of spontaneous music performance and electronic instrument design. Having learned to play the violin at the tender age of 5, Tim has a taste for sound that is touched and played in the moment. When he discovered electronic music at age 12, Tim knew this genre was the sound world that he wanted to explore. He taught himself how to produce tracks, but quickly became fed up with the limits of the available software to do so. He turned his hand to developing his own technology.

His work as a recorded artist spans over 15 years, including albums with highly regarded labels such as Warp Records. As a performer, he has toured on every continent to perform his entirely improvised show. Behind the scenes, Tim has never given up on exploring ways to turn the cerebral process of electronic composition into an embodied activity that happens in the moment. Designing and programming his own instruments from scratch, Tim has invented his own original approach to performance, as well as built and fully mastered his own instrument named the “Flow Machine.” Along this journey of exploration, he has collaborated with the music technology company Native Instruments to turn some of his inventions into successful software products, The Mouth and The Finger.



2014 LondonValerie Grant