237 People Changed My Life; Your Move - Ziad Ahmed

How do you get to know the world better? Start with your community. All 237 of them. TEDxTeen opening music by Madijuwon.


Ziad Ahmed

Ziad is an 18-year-old rising freshman at Yale University from Princeton, New Jersey. He is an American-Muslim, Bangladeshi and a passionate social justice activist.

In September of 2013, Ziad founded a teen organization redefy, which is committed to furthering equality. Redefy has grown immensely, with over 300 students internationally on the team, over 3,000 likes on Facebook and over 100,000 hits on redefy.org. Ziad’s work has been commended by President Barack Obama personally, MTV, Business Insider and other notable sources.

As an entrepreneur, Ziad is also co-founder of JÜV Consulting Inc., which is a youth consulting firm. He serves as the CVO of the company, which has over 100 consultants working to transform the way that companies market to Generation Z.

As someone who seeks to use his voice to advance progress, Ziad has also worked in politics as an intern for various politicians, governmental agencies and initiatives. His hope is that through unapologetically standing up for what is right within his community, school and beyond, he can be part of the solution.

To date, he has given two TEDxTalks, written for publications such as Teen Vogue and the Huffington Post, been awarded for his efforts, and been featured on many major news outlets. Going forward, Ziad hopes to learn that much more, listen that much more closely and advocate that much more loudly.

Overwhelmingly, Ziad is just your average teenager, grappling with identity, struggling to balance it all and pursuing his passions.


Website: www.ziadtheactivist.com

Twitter: @ziadtheactivist

Facebook: /ziadtheactivist

Instagram: @zidolikespies

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