Unlocking the Truth

Unlocking the Truth is a young metal band from Brooklyn, New York, who write and create their own lyrics and music. The band members are Malcolm Brickhouse (guitar), Jarad Dawkins (drums) and Alec Atkins (bass).

In March 2012, Unlocking the Truth competed on Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater and made it to the Show-Off Round, and afterward they began performing at festivals around New York City and in Times Square.

One of the band's biggest breaks came last August. They were invited to perform at the AfroPunk Festival in New York and next at the Fun, Fun, Fun Festival in Austin, Texas.

What's really exciting is that Unlocking the Truth is playing at this year's Coachella Music & Arts Festival (the youngest band ever) and they're playing SxSW.

The band recently appeared in a Beats by Dr. Dre and Pharrell commercial, they were featured in the December issue of New York Magazine as the 15th Reason To Love New York, and they're being reviewed all over the internet.

Unlocking the Truth has created enough music to complete at least 3 CDs. In fact, they're scheduled to record their first album in this spring.

Unlocking the Truth's goal is to become one of the world's best metal bands, and with their music, they want people to know that they could do what they want, no matter who they are, or what people say. Just be free as you want to be!

Photo credit: Phil Knotts


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