Shaadow Sefiroth

Ange-Michael Mboumbou, also known as Shaadow Sefiroth, started dancing in 2009. His first dance style was "electro dance", that he approached while in France. It was only in the year of 2010/2011 that he began to practice hip-hop. To better himself as an artist, he researched the elements of the Hip-Hop Culture. This gave him a better understanding of the dance, as well as a respect and deeper love for the art form. Peace, love, unity and fun are all values that hip hop represents, and the values he lives by in his own life.

Later on, Shaadow moved to London to study. He began to acquire a deeper knowledge of the art form. He practiced relentlessly to find and refine his style, with both his mind and body.

He created a way to understand the dance through martial arts, science and philosophy, all other subjects he enjoyed. These elements allowed him to combine the rigor and dedication of martial arts, the critical thinking, precision and factual nature of science, along with the constant questioning of philosophy. He has a wide-ranging dance vocabulary that allows him to truly capture music. He embodies the emotion and energy of music and then transmits it into a physical form. Shaadow has certainly mastered the art of hard work and perseverance, teaching himself other art forms such as drawing, singing, music production and his most recent venture, designing clothes.


2016 LondonValerie Grant