Sejal Hathi

Sejal Hathi is a freshman at Yale University studying biology and international relations. An avid social entrepreneur, Sejal founded the international nonprofit Girls Helping Girls at age 15 and, as CEO, has since helped train and mentor thousands of girls worldwide to incubate entrepreneurial projects addressing global issues, in more than 20 countries.

Among several other projects, she has additionally worked as USA Ambassador for Ashoka's Youth Venture, as a National Board of Directors member for Youth Service America and Girls for A Change, as a Youth Advisory Board member for State Farm Insurance, and as a founding and Steering Committee member of the World Bank's Youth, Development, & Peace Network of North America. Also a published writer, Sejal co-authored a monographic book at age 16 and has contributed several articles to journals and magazines. She has been invited to speak for and advise political leaders, corporate executives, and philanthropists from around the world; and has been recognized in a few books and by several major media outlets for her work, including CNN, USA Today, ElleGirl magazine, ABC7, and the Boston Globe.

Sejal has additionally received national awards from the Coca-Cola Company, Nestle Corporation, National Merit Corporation, Taco Bell Foundation, Kohl's Corporation, Discover Financial Services, the National Society of High School Scholars, the U.S. Secretary of Education, and the President of the United States for her academic as well as extracurricular achievements.


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