Shaadow Sefiroth & Kieran Lai members of Noesis, an art company founded by Shaadow Sefiroth. Noesis covers the mediums of dance, fashion, content creation, performance and battles. Noesis is more than a company, and more than a crew. It is culture, a lifestyle of the arts.

Shaadow Sefiroth started dancing in 2009 in France, with electro dance as the first dance style he approached. It was only in 2010 - 2011 that he began dancing hip hop. Through research and his drive to better himself as an artist, he found the elements of the hip hop culture, which gave him a better understanding of the dance, and caused him to respect and fall in love with it. Peace, love, unity and fun are the values represented by hip hop, and the same values Shaadow lives by.

Shaadow later moved to London to study. He began to acquire a deeper knowledge of the art form, and practiced relentlessly to find and refine his style of mind and body. He created a way to understand the dance and himself by using martial arts, which is was skilled in, as well as science and philosophy. He combined the rigor and dedication of martial arts, with the critical thinking and factual approach of science, along with the constant questioning of philosophy, to create methods that allowed him to grow. Shaadow’s incredible dance vocabulary allows him to capture music and embody its emotion and energy by transmuting it into a physical form.

Kieran Lai is currently 20 years old. He began as a novice dancer, learning from Youtube videos at the age of 13. Since then, he has had received professional training in the street styles of Popping, Locking, Krumping and Hop Hop. He has won numerous titles in British and World championships.

Kieran has performed in front of Heads of States for the London Olympic Welcoming Ceremony in 2012, played the major role of 'Kurt' in UK teenage street dance movie “All Stars” in 2013 and appeared on live TV including an appearance on Sunday Brunch. His latest and most successful TV appearances were on Britain’s Got Talent and BBC Young Dancer, where he reached the live semi-finals and finals respectively. He was praised on Britain’s Got Talent by Simon Cowell as “one of the best dancers to ever have appeared on the show”.

Kieran has been working extremely hard for the last few years to fulfill his dreams, and his passion for entertaining others is strong. He feels creativity and artistry is important for every dancer, a belief he tries to emulate this in his dance.


Instagram (NOESIS): @noesisx

Instagram (Kieran): @kieranlaiofficial

Instagram (Shaadow) : @shaadowsefiroth

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