Mahmoud Jabari

Mahmoud Jabari is a Palestinian young leader and social entrepreneur. At the age of 15, he founded “Lens for Change,” a media and leadership initiative. For five years, “Lens for Change” provided Palestinian students (13-17 years old) in Hebron with leadership, journalism and digital media education and training to empower them to become influential voices in the public political and social debate, as well as connect them to their peers across the Middle East and around the world.

From 2009 until 2011, Mahmoud worked as news reporter in the Southern West Bank city of Hebron where he covered political news. His work was published on World Youth News and Al Jazeera Talk. He worked with local and international journalists.

From 2006 until 2009, Mahmoud served as an elected Youth Mayor of the city of Hebron. In that position, he led many social initiatives, and he led the council’s engagement with other youth groups and organizations across Palestine as well as with local public figures.

In 2009, he was a youth delegate to the World Economic Forum on the Middle East, where he, along other Arab youth delegates, had the opportunity to explain a youth perspective on political and economic issues in the Middle East to World leaders.

Mahmoud continues to build his understanding on how to mobilize business and social entrepreneurship and technology to achieve a long dream, which is working along side other Palestinian youths to achieve a democratic, prosperous and independent Palestinian State, which can live in peace and be an active and responsible member in the international community.



2012Valerie Grant