October 11, 2014 LONDON UK

TEDxTeen 2011

The Age of How...

Age Old Problems. New Age Thinking. Age-nts of Change!

Artist: Curtis Kulig

Can one idea, one experience, one conversation, one passion, one moment in your life revolutionize how you create change?

We live in an age where technology makes us all virtual neighbors, accessible at the click of a button. We work together across borders, oceans and boundaries of all kinds.

Our coordinates don't matter. Our world is one community facing the same issues.

There are no limitations to what we can do and how far our reach. We are pioneering new solutions for old problems.

You might say we are the leaders of tomorrow, but we are also the leaders of today.

The Age of How

TEDxTeen curated a lineup of international youth (sprinkled with some compelling adults) who are tackling the big questions and big problems with passion and action. What are teens across the globe doing to make a difference? You might be surprised!